I'm the kind , if I have had my dinner and I see that the time on the clock is 10 PM .. I automatically just become sleepy. My energy levels go down. I talk less. I just have to sleep. I also hold a record for sleeping on almost every sleep-over I've been to. I take this moment to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my friends , who haven't disowned me and still plan sleep-overs with me. This picture here is a testimonial for something Hansu used to love doing with me as a baby. We call it 'Cozy Cozy'. Before we sleep , she would come to my bed and sleep next to me for sometime under my blanket as she found it cozy. She doesn't fancy it too much now , but I do invite her over for 'cozy cozy' , much alike how my friends call me over for sleep-overs though I'm not so excited about it. Also , in this picture , I was sleepy , but this sleep is acting sleep. Also also , it's 9.15 and I might be struggling to type fast as it's 45 minutes to my grand finale.
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1 months ago
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