UPSC Aspirants - WAYS TO CRACK UPSC PRELIMS 01 02 03 04 Revise two times before exam : Plan your studies carefully . Adequate time should be kept for revision . Both General Studies and Apti tude sections should be re vised atleast twice , one week before the exam . Focus on ecol . ogy , environ ment , art and culture : A large number of questions come from ecology , environment and art & cul ture . These areas should be prepared in detail from the best available sources . Solve mock test papers : Candidates should attend mock tests and solve previous year papers . This will increase the accuracy and speed signifi cantly . It also helps in picking out the most appropriate option in the exam . Get your basics clear : In the changed pattern , the stress is more on the concept clarity rather than simply mugging up the data , candidates must devote good time in understandir 3 the basics . - ShareChat
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