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Happy Sunday Foodie Fam!! Pizzzaaaa for us is love and beyond 😍😍 And on that note today we bring to you this popular pizza joint in town Red Pizza. They make pizza with the most thinnest crust and a lot of cheeseeee 😍😍 We made a small video for you so that you can know how is it made 😌😌. We ordered two pizza Paneer tikka Pizza and Chicken Tikka Pizza. Both tasted same the only difference was of paneer and chicken. The slices were very thin, crispy and crunchy. They added onion, capsicum, broccoli, baby corn as toppings and obviously a lot of cheese. The amount of paneer and chicken was pretty good. You need to eat it as fast as possible becuase if you're late it gets hard. They definitely add a good amount of cheese 😍😍 We ordered half pizza which consists of 4 slices. Quantity and quality wise we are happy. If you like thin crust pizza you will like Red pizza. And one cannot compare it with Dominos or Pizza hut cause the base is completely different. Tell you your take on Red Pizza :) . . Location: Red Pizza- 1. Food villa 2. Next to Quick Pick Dighlipukhri 3. Quick pick Silpukhri . . Price: Paneer Tikka Pizza: 140(half) Chicken Tikka Pizza: 180(half) . . For more such food stories in Guwahati follow us :) @food_in_guwahati . DM us for any food related queries in Guwahati :) . Also to get featured on our page DM us your food experiences. KEEP EATING

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