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পুৰণি অসমীয়া গীত - • এৰি শার্গ । নিত করে - ShareChat
#পুৰণি অসমীয়া গীত
ক’ৰোণা ভাইৰাছ - LIVE updates - Common symptoms Fever Coronavirus Middle East respiratory syndrome ( MERS ) and severe acute respiratory syndrome ( SARS ) are viral respiratory illnesses caused by a coronavirus . Severe symptoms • High fever ( 100 . 4°F or higher ) A dry cough develops after 2 to 7 days Mild breathing difficulties at the outset • Pneumonia • Kidney failure Gastrointestinal issues Diarrhea Transmission Coughs or sneezes from infected person or touching contaminated objects . General body aches - ShareChat
#ক’ৰোণা ভাইৰাছ - LIVE updates
🙏 জয় আই অসম - GORKEAACHIEVERS Sushmita Sampang Kickboxer , SIKKIM Sushmita Sampang Rai , the Karate girl of Sikkim represented India for World Kickboxing Championship 2015 in Ireland . Sushmita is pursuing her graduation from Sikkim Government College and hails from Majhitar , East Sikkim . Geetanjali Thapa Actor , SIKKIM Winner of the National Film Award for Best Actress ( 2013 ) for her performance in the critically acclaimed movie , Liar ' s Dice . Geetanjali Thapa was born and brought up in Sikkim . She did her schooling in Sikkim and thereafter moved to Kolkata for graduation . She won the Mega Miss North East 2007 beauty pageant held at Guwahati , Assam . Geetanjali Thapa also stars in the Academy award winning director Danis Tanovic ' s Indian film , Tigers , along with Emraan Hashmi , where she plays a Pakistani woman . Rewati Chhetri Model , ASSAM Top 10 finalist of Femina Miss India 2015 and won the Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia subtitles at the finals held on March 28 ' 2015 . Despite of being the favourite among the fans and audiences , Rewati couldn ' t make it to the Top 3 finalists of Femina Miss India 2015 . - ShareChat
#🙏 জয় আই অসম
😎 হোৱাটচ এপ স্টেটাছ / স্টোৰিচ - Girls under 5ft height after wearing lehenga . . - ShareChat
#😎 হোৱাটচ এপ স্টেটাছ / স্টোৰিচ
📸 ভ্ৰমণ ফটোগ্ৰাফী - ShareChat
#📸 ভ্ৰমণ ফটোগ্ৰাফী
🌻🌼 মোৰ ফুলৰ বাগান - যে গলেত কও লন - ShareChat
#🌻🌼 মোৰ ফুলৰ বাগান
📄 অসমীয়া কবিতা - Best Assamese Romantic Poem এবাৰ শুনিলে শুনি থাকিব মন যায় । ৰােমত্তিক কবিতা - ShareChat
#📄 অসমীয়া কবিতা
অন্য এপছত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰক
কপি লিংক
মই এই পোষ্টটো ৰিপৰ্ট কৰিব বিচাৰো কাৰণএইপোষ্টটো...
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অন্য এপছত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰক
কপি লিংক
মই ৰিপোৰ্ট কৰিব বিচাৰো,কাৰণ