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Episode 1 will be out any moment from now ..... So please keep checking @powerdrift @youtubeindia channel and @holyshiftofficial garage page for more updates, contests and campaigns !! Even if you don't and if you can't no worries I'm gonna keep you posted !! #holyshift
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Edo kothaga try chesam !! Idi andariki subject of interest kadu Ani telusu and andaru ade topic gurinchi excite avvali Ani rule kuda ledu , so bikes and cars ante naku pichi verri and apashyampam kiri kiri kuda so e project ki universal ga enthusiasts untaru kabatti ekkuvaga indulo English vadadam jarigindi so dayachesi nannu esukokandi but akkadakkada Mana Telugu punchulu kuda untayi 🤘🏾 so ma migilina videos ni chusi mammalni ela encourage chesaro idi kuda chusi encourage cheyyandi !!! Chestharu !! Naku telusu!! Itlu- Mee andhari cute fan !! #holyshift
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Good old trackdaze with @sandeep_nadimpalli n @weareraceists !! Been a while I hit the local turf !! Missing it big time!! #tracksessions
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Finesse and perfection are a must for me at @holyshiftofficial !!! Let's see what @prathick has got to say about it !! To know more watch our new trailer on the @powerdrift YouTube channel and also do follow @holyshiftofficial for more updates !! #powerdrift
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Well welll well can't keep calm because our dream project is up for release and the trailer is out !! Thanks to @powerdrift and to @theautoninja for making this happen and also to @sdchada sir for believing in our dream and fueling it and also cheers to @prathick @jesseprasadk @monishbhupathi and everyone behind the screen this would not be possible without y'all !! The trailer is up In our stories do watch and show me love !! #powerdrift