Shehla Rashid

Former Vice-President, JNUSU

Met the Hon'ble Governor, Jammu & Kashmir today and apprised him of various issues being faced by citizens, starting with highway ban, NTA exam centre discrimination, upgradation of health facilities at SKIMS and maternity health centres, airfare regulation, civil aviation facilities in Kargil, Internet facilities in Gurez and construction of proper road beyond Razdan top, Anganwadi workers' issues, GST reimbursement to new industrial units, fulfilling of JKPSC Assistant Professor (Kashmiri) posts, restoration of Integrated Watershed Development Project (Hills) under Forest deptt., granting of general amnesty to youth facing PSA cases, revocation of SRO-202, and many other issues related to employment. Requested the Governor to conduct an audit of schools to assess drop-out, and strengthen those features that favour retention of students. Also requested the Governor to sanction more govt schools for Habba Kadal area which has the lowest per capita ratio of government schools in Srinagar city. #politics
Some pictures from Mela Kheer Bhawani today. It was heartening to see young Kashmiri Muslims volunteering at the Mela, and expressing concerns about facilities for devotees; and also to see the warm welcome from Pandit brothers and sisters. The future is love and empathy ❤🌲 #Mela Kheer Bhawani
On this Eid, we pray for an end to oppression everywhere. We observe this Eid in solidarity with victims of violence and oppression everywhere in the world. Eid Mubarak. 🌲 #eid mubarak
Begusarai! ❤ @Kanhaiya Kumar #Kanhaiya4Begusarai
ये कहने वाले कि हम राजनीति/नीतियों से कोई मतलब नहीं रखते, बहुत मिल जाते हैं. लेकिन, देश की राजनीति और नीतिनिर्माण में युवा लोगों का दखल देना बहुत ही जरुरी है. देश के राजनीतिक प्रतिनिधियों के साथ काम करने वाले युवाओं के साथ बात करके काफी अच्छा लगा. #policy
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World Read Aloud Day के मौके पर मैं और JNU छात्रसंघ के पूर्व अध्यक्ष मोहित पांडेय ने एक स्कूल का दौरा किया. इस स्कूल में संस्था “Share a Book India Association” के स्वयंसेवी स्कूली बच्चों के साथ मिलकर उनके पढ़ने की क्षमता बढ़ाने पर काम करते हैं. हम इन बच्चों की गहरी समझ देखकर काफ़ी प्रभावित हुए. #education