Sumedh Mudgalkar

Tu karm karte jaa, fal ki chinta na kar.

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This little guy ‘Yathaart’ has by hearted a lot many Krishna gyaan’s. He’s been saying these in functions, schools, and places he can. And his Dad is proud of him. 😊 I was fortunate enough to see this with my own eyes. This was motivating. Seeing little kids and everybody so influenced. Im overwhelmed to see all of the audience giving this response to our work. Im glad this is helping people grow in life. 🙏🏻 Kudos to the writers and the showmakers. And cheers to ‘Yathaart’. ❤️ #beatking_sumedh
Krishna, what have you not given me? Unmatchable Love i never expected, Doses of Wisdom that makes my life better every single day, A smile in the bad times to boost your innerself and others around you, A way of living, A sight of positivity, A feeling that the more i learn you, the more i understand that i know nothing about life. I feeling that whatever happened out of blue was meant to be. Can never thank you enough, but will try my best to through my work. Thank you Krishna. My friend, my guru. The supreme one🙏🏻😊 Happy Janmashtami. Hare Krishna! #beatking_sumedh
Moments of silence often meet you to teach something you’re not adapting. To change the adamant nature of heart of wanting everything its way. :) #beatking_sumedh
While fearing the unpleasant problems your pain focusses on, also accept the fact that you love what you love. ✨❤️ #beatking_sumedh