Tejaswini Pandit

Actress, Artist & Animal lover, believes in KARMA!

You will see in the world what you carry in your Heart !! 😉 #sunkissed
This Feeling 💚 Sometimes the picture shud be felt & not just seen !! #bnw
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I came across an amazing product for my hair care routine which keeps my hair stylish and gives me just the motherly touch I require! Sharing my hair care routine for soft shiny healthy hair. Share yours with me too ! story with me with using hashtags 👇🏻 #Haircare
She loved with all her heart & soul. Its either everything or nothing, for her. Gratitude. Thanks for loving me. For all the Wishes, Messages, Posts & gifts! #blessed
She is a bougainvillea. Lush. Wild. So full of Colours. Unassuming and rarely appreciated. Oh she couldn't care less !! #realme
अक्षय तृतीया !!!! माझ्या साड्या नेसण्याचाही साडेतीन मुहूर्तापैकी एक दिवस...😝 Makeup - @dewekar Hair - @divekar1979gma #sareestyle