Vijay Deverakonda

Manas ekam, vachas ekam, karmanyekam, mahatmanam.

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What I have seen the Police doing for us.. They are each doing 12 hour shifts, from the home guards to the commissioners. They are guarding the streets. They are ensuring essential supplies and providers have all what they need. They are doing investigative work, contact tracing and breaking possible infection chains. The 100 helpline is active 24x7 and the stories behind the help being provided are absolutely heart warming. While their families worry about their safety, they are #STay Home- StAY sAfE - staY lives out there doing more than their duties in this fight against one of the greatest wars - Covid-19. In view of the extended lockdown I was called upon by the Hyderabad City Police to interact, lift the spirits and bring a smile on the faces of our field officers (constables and home guards are doing the hardest and most demanding jobs).. and I returned with them bringing a smile onto my face, they even made me little advance birthday notes. It was an absolute honour to spend this one hour, chat, discuss and smile with you all. We need our police force to stay strong and healthy and lead us in this battle. They had only one request - please ask our people to co-operate with us. I promised them we would. I want you all to help our doctors, police and government by staying home and staying healthy. A part of my Interaction with Hyderabad Police Officers : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-pbb70JTL4&feature=youtu.be
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Public Safety Announcement Fighting #CoronaVirus. We have to do this together. Wishing good health to all of you! Love, Vijay. #😷కరోనా విశ్వరూపం
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Gautham & Iza ❤ This Valentine's Day Come fall in Love. #WorldFamousLover. #🇹🎞️సినిమా ప్రపంచం
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#BogguGanilo Hear the love song of a Miner, in the world of Coal Mines! #WorldFamousLover Releasing this Valentine's Day - Feb 14 https://youtu.be/3hMl6Z_sv_A #🇹🎞️సినిమా ప్రపంచం
Happy Sankranthi 😁 Wishing you all happiness, prosperity and sending you lots of love. Also, Just one more month to this film. #WorldFamousLover #WFL #🇹🎞️సినిమా ప్రపంచం
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#WorldFamousLoverTeaser #🇹🎞️సినిమా ప్రపంచం https://youtu.be/nYNY7kVzPX0