इंदोरी तड़का
Indore's Sarafa Bazaar is jewelry market during the daytime while after sundown it transforms into a sensational foodie haven. As the shutters of the jewellery shop goes down, the lane of this busy landmark gets lined up by numerous makeshift food carts ready to cater to the nocturnal hunger pangs of the locals and as well as the visitors. Once you are here, brace yourself for a gastronomic carnival. The most celebrated eatery here is Joshi Dahi vada shop. Among the popular Indian snacks, it's the Dahi Vada and the magic around it that has relegated this place to a must visit destination in Indore. The owner Joshi Ji is a genial fellow who enthralls his customers with his brilliant jugglery skills. We too were spellbound to see him fling a plate of Dahi Vada into the air without spilling out a drop and then catch it with such an effortless ease. This trick has earned it the moniker Flying Dahi vada. We were also amazed to see him sprinkling four different masalas over the Dahi vada from a single pinch. Moreover Joshi ji himself is a jovial fellow whose endearing talks won our heart and made the encounter memorable. It's due these incredible skills, Joshi ji is a star of the place. The Dahi vadas were delicious especially the smooth and luscious curd that was very refreshing. Don't miss this place if you are visiting Indore for a culinary tour. Watch the second part of our Indore Street food series for more details about this heartwarming encounter. Link is in the bio.

इंदोरी तड़का

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