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hello f

Free Fire Battleground Early Game Strategy II. Get to the Safe Zone 1. Marked on the map, you’ll see the safe zone (inside the white circle), poison zone (outside the blue circle) and blast zone (red ciricle). 2. Players in the poison zone will continuously take damage, and the poison zone will keep closing in on the island as time goes on. 3. The blast zone will occasionally get bombed, and these bombs will deal a massive amount of damage to players. The blast zone will respawn at random times and random locations around the map. 4. The safe zone will continually get smaller as the match goes on. Keep yourself in the safe zone as much as possible, because once outside the safe zone you will continuously receive damage. Keep an eye on the map. If you’re far from the safe zone, then you’ll have to start moving toward it earlier. III. Surviving to the End 1. Use the weapons you find to attack enemies. After equipping a weapon, shooting buttons will appear on the left and right of the screen for your use, depending on the situation. 2. There are buttons on the right for three different postures: standing, squatting, and crawling. Movement speed is reduced as you move from standing to crawling. 3. Dragging on the eye button will cause your field of vision to move (you can look around) when your player is not moving. 4. After equipping a weapon with a scope, a scope button will appear on the right of the screen. Tapping this will give you a clearer look at your target. 5. Victory doesn’t depend on who kills the most players. Only the last player surviving on the island will be crowned with ultimate victory. Use flexible tactics to keep yourself protected! I Would like to share this with you. Here You Can Download This Application from PlayStorehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.telogoreng.forceguidefreefirebattleground #hello f
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