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I am seeing a lot of adult posts. What should I do so that I do not see adult content?
I am not able to reply to comments.Even if my phone number is verified. Can I know why?
How to view my list of followers
How do I verify my new phone number?
How do I save photo, video, GIF or audio?
I want to see who all have shared my posts. How do I see that?
How to update my app?
How do I change my nickname?
How do I change my status on ShareChat?
Are all my profile details visible to people who see my profile, for eg, my phone number?
I want a blue tick. What should I do to get a blue tick?
How to download a photo or video to my phone memory?
What happens when I follow a person?
I am being abused and harrased in comments below my post. What should I do?
I get a lot of notifications. Is there a way, I can stop these notifications from coming
You can use a wide variety of stickers and filters while posting a selfie from the app. Click on the pencil symbol on the bottom-right, then click on Camera. You will see the Filters and Stickers option below.
At present, posting picture or video in comment is not allowed
To change the language, click on the present language (next to your profile picture) on the top-left. You can select your preferred language then.
I see a bell button on my profile. What does that do?
How can I share my ShareChat profile with my friends?